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Investment Philosophy

IMin Partners' philosophy focuses on "value-based" investing, specifically the "cash flow" potential of a business. We look for mature businesses with unique opportunities for growth. Acquisition candidate sizes will vary widely depending on the opportunity, but should typically generate $20 million to $500 million in revenue. IMin invests alongside experienced management teams and compensates management with performance incentives. Our mission is to add value to our portfolio companies by assisting management in creating economic value.

The Business of Partnerships

IMin Partners is capable of adapting to the peculiarities of a business and we structure our investment for the success of the business.

We are partners with our employees, our co-owners, our customers, our suppliers, our regulators, our lenders, and our neighbors. We seek to be as flexible as possible in how we operate. We have made a wide variety of successful investments which range from passive minority investments to businesses where we are actively involved in day-to-day management. Our experience guides us to create the right structure for the business, not one rigid structure for every business.

Different From Private Equity

  • We are flexible in how we invest. There is no box to fit in.
  • It is our money and reputation, not other people’s money.
  • We can invest in perpetuity, rather than finite time periods.
  • We value people.
  • All of our principals are experienced CEOs. We understand what it means to be in the seat of a manager.
  • We know where we add value and where we don’t, and invest accordingly.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards and expect our partners to do the same.

Incentive Compensation

IMin believes in paying managers & employees for creating shareholder value. We reward our management teams through a variety of compensation programs. Each investment requires a customized incentive plan for management. Our Tools are:

Management Stock Ownership
Stock Options
Performance Bonuses
Gainshare Plans
Profit Sharing

Financial Expertise

IMin Partners also serves as a resource to the finance departments of its portfolio companies. Management teams can turn to the financial expertise of IMin Partners for strategic advice on capital structure, mergers and acquisitions, major capital expenditures, divestitures and other major finance projects.

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Target Industries

IMin Partners is a private equity capital fund dedicated to investing in specialty minerals and chemical businesses. Our investment criteria focuses on companies with attractive core businesses that have strong management teams already in place. Our goal is to align the interests of investors and management in order to maximize an investment's return potential. The Partners of IMin strongly believe that the specialty minerals and chemical industries hold many attractive investment opportunities and through "value-based" investing these opportunities can be realized.

Industrial Minerals
Specialty Chemicals

Management Process

IMin Partners contributes more than money to its portfolio companies.

The Partners work with management teams to improve their business plan and will often secure outside resources, management advisors and consultants, to better enhance the success of their management teams.